Roadnotes #4: The Right Place to Eat Bar-B-Q. What do you need?

Roadnotes #4: The Right Place to Eat Bar-B-Q. What do you need?


Ever think about what you need? We could do quite a semantic dance around the definition of need but I think we’d all agree on some basic physical and emotional needs: food, clothing, shelter, safety, love, respect, etc. Unfortunately, lots of folks don’t have those needs met these days.


But if you’re reading this, you probably have many of your basic needs met. So, beyond those, what else do you need?


Delbert McClinton and Gary Nicholson have a nice set of needs in their song ‘Somebody to Love You’:


“You need a nice warm place to stay
A sense of humor cause life is funny
A big stick to keep the wolves away
You need a car with good tires on it
And the right place to eat bar-b-q
A heavy duty set of jumper cables
And no holes in your walkin’ shoes”


I need all of those things. Plus, for me, a basic need is a place to sit quietly, read the paper, think about things, write in my journal and most importantly drink coffee. I look for a good coffee place wherever I go. Right now I’m writing this in the courtyard of the LA County Museum of Art. I also have favorite places close to my home in LA, in Berlin, and in various places I visit or play music. Some of those are:


Nature’s Brew (LA)
Café Berio and Café A. Horn (Berlin)
Café Trieste (San Francisco)
Kramer Books (Washington, DC)
The Red Cup (Oklahoma City)


Where do you go for a cup of Joe and some quiet time?



Where do you go for a up of Joe and some quiet time ?

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