Produced by Ramesh B. Weeratunga
© 2008 Bluebird Cafe Berlin Records

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“Walking Home”, the second solo record from Oklahoma native Robert Williams, fits best into the roots-alt country-Americana genres. Infused with a bit of country, the songs on “Walking Home” are sophisticated tales of the modern human condition.

A soulful guitar and mandolin player, Williams’ melodies make full use of his knowledge of unusual chords and tunings. Unburdened by artistic borders, he isn’t afraid to travel through the many worlds of human emotion in his songs.


Listen to: Hillbilly Love Triangle

Listen to: Jumbo’s Clown Room

Listen to: Nothing At All


Produced by George Marinelli, Jr.
© 2004 Ordnung & Hartmann Records

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Robert’s rootsy music comes from an otherworldly crossroad – half West Texas Honky Tonk and half backstreet Berlin Cabaret – where Hank Williams meets Kurt Weil for a drink.


State Secrets (Ordnung & Hartmann) is produced by George Marinelli (guitarist for Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Hornsby), the disc showcases Williams’ uniquely-informed world view and lyrical, roots-driven songcraft that highlights a passionate view of life in a complicated and changing world.


Listen to: Quiet American


Listen to: If 


Produced by Wayne Grajeda
© 2000 Ordnung & Hartmann Records

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Contempory Americana at its best. Grajeda & Williams music explorers the hidden corners of human experience. Staytrue Street delivers 11 tight tracks with emotional and intellectual punch.


Wayne Grajeda and Robert Williams have been making music together for many years. Together they’ve traveled musical roads leading from Berlin to Los Angeles and beyond. Their songs reflect the many styles that each has absorbed over long musical careers, including sophisticated urban popular music, European cabaret, country, blues, jazz, and rock. Wayne and Robert are among the best contemporary writers exploring the politics of the human experience.


Live from Jumbo’s Clown Room

New Walking Blues